Zoning Restrictions: What they are and how they work.

Zoning Restrictions are one of the most important tools used by state and local governments to encourage or prohibit certain types of real estate behavior.   Zoning Restrictions attempt to improve the living conditions in certain of areas and neighborhoods by preventing one landowner from damaging neighbors and the community through the improper use or development of land.  For example, a ordinance may prohibit someone from building an auto-repair shop next to a single-family home.   The same ordinance that protects a property from what develops next door also limits the development of property.  Every land owner should know what restrictions are in effect for there neighborhood or area.  Consumers considering the purchase of a property should carefully review the restrictions for that neighborhood or area and be sure to check with area officials about any zoning change applications that may have been filed.  Would be buyers should also be aware of zoning ordinances or master plan that may apply to that area.  It is also to important to know that in some area including areas within the City of Houston may not have any zone restrictions.

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Title Insurance: What it is and Why you need it!

what is title insurance

Title insurance provides financial protection against laws arising from problems connect to the title of your new property.  Before you purchased your home it may have gone through several ownership changes.  Their could be a weak link at any point in that chain of owners that could cause trouble.  For example, there maybe unpaid real estate taxes or other liens.  Title insurance covers the insured party for any claims and legal fees that arise out of such problems.  There are 2 kinds of title insurance policies.   A mortgagee  policy covers the lender.  An owners  policy cover the purchaser.    Do you have to have title insurance?  It is mandatory if you are taking out a mortgage because all mortgage companies require title insurance equal to the loan.    The full premium for a title policy is paid at closing and the  policy stays in effect until the loan is fully repaid.  As with mortgage insurance it protects the lender but the purchaser pays the premium.   The required mortgage policy protects the lender up to the amount of the mortgage but it doesn’t protect your equity in the property.  For that type of protection you need an owners policy for the full value of the home.  In some areas sellers pay for the owners policy as part of there responsibility to deliver good title to the buyer.  In other ares buyers must buy an owner policy as an add on the the lender policy.   A standard title insurance policy does not cover the owner for matters that arrive after closing which is a weakness.





Master Planned Community? What does that term mean?

The Woodlands, Texas is known for being one of the first and most popular master-planned communities in the country.   What is a master planned community you ask?  A master planned community is collection of uniquely different sub-divisions all with different home styles and price ranges surrounded by commercial developments and neighborhood amenities.  A master planned community has amenities like gyms, water parks, hiking trails, parks and golf courses.  It can also consists of shopping malls, movies theaters, restaurants, convention centers and entertainment venues.  Pretty much everything you could possibly need or want is always just a stones throw away.   Master Planned Communities also consist of community driven schools that offer quality and variety to it’s residents.  The Woodlands, Texas exemplifies what it means to be a master-planned community. The Woodlands consist of 8 sub-divisions or villages as they are called in The Woodlands.  Grogans Mill, Panther Creek, Cochran’s Crossing, Indian Springs, Alden Bridge, College Park, Sterling Ridge, and the newest member of the family, Creekside Park.   Built in 1974, it is one of the most tenured and desirable master planned communities in the country to live in.  The Woodlands consist of The Woodlands offers every amenity imaginable to its residents.   Concert venues, shopping, restaurants, museums, parks, spas, world class golf, world renown schools the list goes on and on.  The Woodlands is still the blueprint of what a well executed master planned community should look like.  If you think you want to live in a master planned community and are considering The Woodlands for your next home, call DeeDee Wyms Realty and lets schedule a time to go out see The Woodlands. 

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Master Planned Community- THE WOODLANDS
Master Planned Community- THE WOODLANDS

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Thinking About Buying A Home? Watch This Video First!

buying a home

Thinking about buying a home.  Finding the right agent is the first step. Finding the right agent when buying a home means knowing what to expect from the right agent.    Understanding how an agent is required to protect your best interest will help the home buying experience happen with clarity.   If you are thinking about buying a home in Spring, Texas CLICK THE LINK BELOW to watch a video about an Agent’s Responsibilities to you.  Then call DeeDee Wyms Realty