Zoning Restrictions: What they are and how they work.

Zoning Restrictions are one of the most important tools used by state and local governments to encourage or prohibit certain types of real estate behavior.   Zoning Restrictions attempt to improve the living conditions in certain of areas and neighborhoods by preventing one landowner from damaging neighbors and the community through the improper use or development of land.  For example, a ordinance may prohibit someone from building an auto-repair shop next to a single-family home.   The same ordinance that protects a property from what develops next door also limits the development of property.  Every land owner should know what restrictions are in effect for there neighborhood or area.  Consumers considering the purchase of a property should carefully review the restrictions for that neighborhood or area and be sure to check with area officials about any zoning change applications that may have been filed.  Would be buyers should also be aware of zoning ordinances or master plan that may apply to that area.  It is also to important to know that in some area including areas within the City of Houston may not have any zone restrictions.

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